Oak trees hinder Dutch boar hunters

This video from England is called Wild boar with piglets, Forest of Dean – 22nd April 2012.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Acorns frustrate boar hunting

Monday 14 Oct 2013, 12:05 (Update: 14-10-13, 12:48)

Hunters expect that it will be very hard this year to shoot wild boars in the Veluwe region. This is because there are many acorns, chestnuts and beechnuts this year.

Until the end of the hunting season over 1,300 pigs are supposed to be killed in the Veluwe. Normally the hunters gather near feeding areas. Hungry boars will come to feed, and then they will be shot.

But now that the whole forest is littered with acorns, chestnuts and beechnuts, the pigs have no need to come to the feeding areas. They roam the forests everywhere, there is plenty to eat and the hunters will have to chase the animals.

Wildlife organization Het Edelhert thinks that the hunters now will shoot only 70 percent of the required number of animals.

28 thoughts on “Oak trees hinder Dutch boar hunters

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  2. How wonderful to see animals shot with a CAMERA and not the GUN!! Charming little family and entitled to life the same as humans!


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