Young spoonbill, video

This is a video of a young spoonbill, looking for food near Leusden in the Netherlands.

Wilco Busstra made the video.

As we can see from the map below, it is clearly visible that Tunisia is the most important site for the Spoonbills (Platalea leucorodia) ringed in Hungary, and we have regular observations from Libya, and there are some observations from Morocco and Mauritania, which is rarely visited by Hungarian individuals. We have only old recoveries from Egypt and Sudan, from between 1920-1950, and no data from Algeria or Chad – we suppose there are Spoonbills, but not checked for colour rings. We have only limited data from sub-Saharan Africa, namely from Niger, Nigeria and Mali – we suppose there must be more colour ringed Spoonbills. If you have chance, please try to read the rings of Spoonbills in Africa, and help our project with sending your data for us: here.

Spoonbills of Texel: here. Texel spoonbill nesting history: here.

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