6 thoughts on “Cyprus pro-workers fighter dies

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  4. Cypriot workers protest privatisation plans

    Last Friday workers at the state owned telecom company CyTA and the Cyprus Ports Authority held a 24-hour strike to oppose privatisation. On the same day staff at state-controlled Electricity Authority held a 12-hour strike opposing privatisation plans.

    The government agreed to carry through the privatisations to qualify for the next tranche of European Union €10 billion ($13.7 billion) bailout money. The Cypriot government must raise €1.4 billion ($1.9 billion) through privatisations between 2016 and 2018 to receive the money.

    Cypriot staff at British bases strike

    Cypriot workers at UK Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) held a 24-hour strike on Tuesday. Striking employees at the Akrotiri base prevented access for two and a half hours and only lifted this after the base authorities threatened to use force to end the blockade.

    Christos Tziapouras, a union rep for the SBA staff, accused the British authorities of using Cyprus’s financial crisis to break collective agreements and cut pay and benefits while British employees were given a pay rise last August. He added that 350 Cypriot employees have lost their jobs over the last four years, replaced by English dependents.



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