Butterflies, lizards, abandoned village in Italy

Olivetta San Michele, 17 September 2013

After the botanical garden of 16 September 2013 in Liguria, Italy, 17 September 2013, more to the north, around Olivetta village.

Wall lizard, Ciantri, Italy, 17 September 2013

Again, a wall lizard near a flower-pot.

Small white male, Italy, 17 September 2013

A male small white butterfly along the path.

Brown and white butterfly, Italy, 17 September 2013

A brown and white butterfly on a wall.

Today, again downstream, to the abandoned village Bussare.

On the butterfly-bush near the bridge, a small white.

In the old tyre on the riverside pebbles, this time we don’t see reptiles, like three days ago.

In a quiet part of the mostly fast stream, small fish.

Wall lizard on tyre, Italy, 17 September 2013

When we look at the old tyre again five minutes later, there is a reptile: a wall lizard. Then, it hides inside one of the holes in the tyre.

Jersey tiger moth, Italy, 17 September 2013

After we have passed the bridge, a Jersey tiger moth.

Along the old footpath to Bussare, a small irrigation canal; with pondskaters.

Bussare, Italy, 17 September 2013

We approach Bussare. No sign of inhabitants. Only some holidaymakers.

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