Cicada, turtles, firecrest, dragonfly in Italian botanical garden

This Italian video is about Hanbury Botanical Gardens in Liguria, Italy. Unfortunately, when we came, we did not hear the music of this video. Also, we did not hear many birds. Maybe because it was not spring?

16 September 2013. After my description of going from the entrance of Hanbury Botanical Gardens in Italy to the sea, now about going back from the sea to the entrance; which is also the exit.

Cicada on Aleppo pine, Italy, 16 September 2013

Close to the sea-coast, a rather noisy and big cicada on a big Pinus halepensis coniferous tree.

Signs indicate that wild boar have digged in some spots in the garden.

We don’t see them. We do see other mammals: two red squirrels play catch me if you can around a big tree.


A short-toed treecreeper climbs up a tree.

A wheatear. A magpie.

Then, one of the two smallest bird species of Europe: a firecrest.

This is a firecrest video. It takes some time for the camera to find this fast-moving little bird 🙂

Brugmansia plants. In South America, their homeland, hummingbirds pollinate them. Here in Italy, Agrius convolvuli moths do so.

Passiflora, Italy, 16 September 2013

A Passiflora flower.

Fungi, Italy, 16 August 2013

A bit further is a part of the garden, exclusively for Australian plants. Are the fungi, growing among them, Australian as well? Apparently not, as these sulphur polypores are European and North American.

Cumberland turtle, top, and red-eared slider, bottom, Italy, 16 September 2013

We arrive at a pond with goldfish. And with quite some Cumberland turtles and red-eared slider turtles.

Emperor dragonfly female, Italy, 16 September 2013

Around a smaller pond below the turtle pond, a big female dragonfly: an emperor dragonfly.

As we walk along the pond near the villa again, a carp between the goldfish.

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