Stop anti-rhino wildlife crime

This video says about itself:

Stop Wildlife Crime: The Series – Rhinos (Video 4) | WWF

22 sep 2013

[WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES] The fourth episode of WWF’s Stop Wildlife Crime series highlights the impact on rhinos. Every day, rhinoceros across Africa and Asia are getting caught in the crosshairs of poachers to supply a lucrative black market demand for rhino horn. Follow our video series on World Wildlife Fund‘s YouTube channel by subscribing now and using the hashtag #StopWildlifeCrime while you watch.

Rhino horn continues to command high prices among consumers, especially in Asia where it has been falsely touted as a hangover cure and treatment for terminal illnesses. Except there is no scientific proof that a rhino’s horn—made of keratin, just like human hair and fingernails—has any medicinal properties. That hasn’t stopped hundreds of rhinos being slaughtered each year. In fact, there was a 5000% increase in rhino poaching in South Africa between 2007 and 2012.

Wildlife crime is dead serious. This low-risk, high-profit crime threatens some of the world’s best-loved species and the rangers that protect them.

WWF needs your help to make a difference. Please view and share to spread awareness. And, don’t miss this five-part series featuring wildlife trade facts and interviews with experts in government, security and conservation every Sunday at 7 pm EDT in September 2013. Learn more:

September 2013. Efforts to combat illicit wildlife crime have received a massive boost as heads of state and a number of ministers outlined the serious impacts of poaching and illicit wildlife trafficking: here.

March 2014: The enforcement of sanctions against wildlife crime is to be prioritised across all ministries, says Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, in order to combat poaching and trafficking of African elephant ivory and rhino horn: here.

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19 thoughts on “Stop anti-rhino wildlife crime

  1. Thank-you for posting this. I think I am going to do my own post on this and the killing of elephants which is more insanity. We are in 2013 and our aim as humans is to destroy the planet – basically. >:-[

    Anyway, I thank-you for spreading the word…


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