Fascism and anti-fascism in Greece

This video from Belgium says about itself:

Anti-Golden Dawn protests hit Brussels as outrage over Fyssas murder spreads

Anti-Golden Dawn protests have broken out in a number of European capitals following the murder of Greek hip-hop artist and anti-fascist activist Pavlos Fyssas.

In Brussels, demonstrators linked the rise of the far-right to the financial crisis.

One protestor summed up the feeling of those on the streets:

“The situation in Greece is very worrying with the growing far-right and the fascists from Golden Dawn. We’re very scared and worried about the situation in Europe as a whole, you see that the crisis draws more and more people to the right through despair because of austerity.”

A Greek woman in the city said she is devastated by what is happening in her country: “With the rise of Golden Dawn and the way things are going in Greece, we expected something like this to happen. I hope this is the end. The whole political and economic situation is a nightmare and I just want it to end.”

It is alleged Fyssas was stabbed to death by a self-confessed Golden Dawn member as he left a bar in a suburb of Athens in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Report from the anti-fascist demonstration in Athens September 25: here.

From Dawn of the Greeks blog:

A group of special forces calls on the government to resign

Posted on September 26, 2013 by dawnofthegreeks

A group who calls itself special forces reserve union (KEED) published yesterday on its website a text with 15 demands, calling on the government and the president … to resign. Among these demands are the suspension of all laws relating to the memorandum and country’s debt as well as the expulsion of immigrants. Furthermore they also mention the exclusion from political life [of] all of those who participated in governments in the past years … According to Ggreek websites, the group has called for a strange manifestation on the 28th of September in front of parliament in order to demand the immediate resign of the government.

A prosecutor in Athens has already ordered an investigation of the group and its website, where the text is published. Government members and judicial authors met late last night in order to discuss the new “crisis” into political life of Greece, as well as to investigate how serious for the democratic system these threats would be. According to tvxs.gr, this new provocation from this strange group of special forces is coming a while after the government’s initiatives to stop ultra right violence in the country.

More information and the 15 demands of the group here.

Greece’s democracy in danger, warns Demos, as Greek reservists call for coup: here.

“Crime and Gang “: Revealing interview with another Golden Dawn member: here.

Breaking news: Three MPs of Golden Dawn about to be arrested: here.

Greece: darkness at dawn: here.

Greece investigates police links to far-right party after killing: here.

Greece, in Anti-Fascist Crackdown, Investigates Police: here.

Roma under attack in Greece speak out – ‘We are human and we want justice’: here.

15 thoughts on “Fascism and anti-fascism in Greece

  1. Middle class common sense victor

    Or: full speed into disaster

    From a social revolutionary point of view Merkel’s sweeping electoral success is
    abominable. It follows, however, a politico-cultural pattern of the German middle classes
    whose culture dominates the broad masses and therefore also the electorate. It was all
    about to continue the alleged German Wirtschaftswunder (economic miracle) contrasting
    with the catastrophe the south is suffering of. They seek stability and want to avoid
    taking risk for the weaker eurozone states. But ultimately they do accept measures to
    stop the euro crisis to erupt again. Further haircuts for Greek will be unpopular but
    they trust Merkel to do the necessary and nothing more. On the surface the petty
    bourgeois has reason to believe what Merkel has been claiming: she is guaranteeing
    Germany’s success in a dark global environment.[…]

    As a matter of fact the accusation of populism is applicable first of all for Merkel
    herself as she is lulling the petty bourgeoisie in its complacency:

    o They blame the peripheral countries for the economic crisis. They had lived beyond
    their means while now Germany would reap the harvest of its performance. Not the
    slightest trace of the idea that German policy bears substantial responsibility for the
    troubles and the impoverishment of the south. Let alone a word about the fact that at
    least the German upper classes massively benefited from that situation.

    o Increased social stratification, wage dumping and export orientation is being marketed
    as model to be followed by the rest of Europe. Permanent current account surpluses are
    celebrated as economic virtue not as symptoms of imbalances and crisis let alone as
    unpaid, retained wages.

    o German stability is being worshiped. But the momentums of crisis within the eurozone
    are being accumulated also thanks to the treatment imposed on the south by Berlin. While
    the common currency does not offer any adjustment mechanism for the grave imbalances, a
    dominant Germany imposes her unilateral interests also against their capitalist
    homologues. Sooner or later this will lead to the break-up of the eurozone.



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