Lizards, snakes and butterflies in Italy

This video is called Main road from Olivetta San Michele to Bussare (Italy).

After 13 September 2013 in Italy came 14 September.

In the morning, to Olivetta village.

Butterflies, including meadow brown and gatekeeper.

Colourful butterfly, Olivetta, 14 September 2013

And a colourful one [UPDATE: a Jersey tiger moth; see here].

Great tit sound. Buzzard sound.

In the afternoon, we went down the Bevera river valley.

Trout swim in that river. A trout is also in the local coat of arms.

Olivetta San Michele coat of arms, with trout

Near a bridge over the river, butterfly-bush grows. It attracts many butterflies, most of them orange coloured. Including Argynnis paphia (silver-washed fritillaries).

Silver-washed fritillary, 14 September 2013

Near the river bank close to the bridge, an old car tyre. Inside it, a young snake (grass snake?). On top of the tyre, two young wall lizards.

Immaculate conception church tower, Bussare, 14 September 2013

We continue to Bussare village. A village, practically abandoned by people. The Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic church still stands, but there are no services any more. It is for for sale.

11 thoughts on “Lizards, snakes and butterflies in Italy

    • Hi Serenity, the road in the video is narrow at first because it is on a private estate. Then, it gets wider, as it becomes a public road. However, its surface gets worse and worse, as it goes to an (almost) abandoned village.

      Thanks for your kind words! There will be more Italian butterfly photos.


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