44 thoughts on “Nigerian Shell oil spill survivors reject ‘derisory’ compensation offer

  1. ‘Like’ is scarcely the reaction. Horror, disgust, sorrow, and I am already aware of the kind of multinational rapine that goes on in Africa. Here we see the true heart of darkness. In the past it was human beings being stolen, then ivory, rubber, copper, diamonds, gold, coltan, uranium, timber. For 500 years we have been taking, and we turn round and dare to call Africans undeveloped! Thank you for posting.


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          • Yeah man sister Petrel. Me too. It would be nice if those who are responsible for the devastation of the lives of the people, as happened here in Nigeria, would go to the destroyed communities to see first-hand the damages they have created and to be answerable to those who lives have been destroyed. Maybe this would evoke a more human response next time.

            Interestingly, like many other countries, Nigeria is seeking closer relations with Cuba yet the US continues to place Cuba on the list of countries that sponsor state terrorism. Yet the corporate giants are free to destroy the land and livelihood of entire communities in return for compensation that is an insult and derisory. Isn’t this a kind of corporate terrorism?


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