Detroit students against Syria war, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

Detroit students speak against Syria war

6 sep 2013
The International Youth and Students for Social Equality interviewed students at Wayne State University Friday while building for a demonstration next week against the drive to war in Syria.

The demonstration will take place Monday, September 9, at 3:00 p.m. at the flagpoles at Gullen Mall and Merrick St. For a map, click here.

With mounting opposition at home and abroad to war against Syria, the Pentagon is reportedly preparing for far more extensive bombing of the country than originally suggested: here.

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s appearance at the G20 summit in St Petersburg made clear his government is determined to do everything possible to aid the US to advance plans for a military attack on Syria, despite its own defeat in parliament last week: here.

Fact check: Obama’s Syria case still lacks proof: here.

A century and a half ago, the British journalist, lawyer and parliamentarian Sir William Harcourt faced down a public clamor for Britain to intervene in the American Civil War. Writing under the pen name “Historicus” in The Times of London, Sir William argued that military intervention was like revolution: “a high and summary procedure which may sometimes snatch a remedy beyond the reach of law,” but “its essence is illegality and its justification is its success”: here.

Jamaicans against war on Syria: here.

17 thoughts on “Detroit students against Syria war, video

  1. 1) Call against intervention by Syrian democrats and anti-imperialists
    2) No military intervention – for a political solution (int’l initiative)


    1) Call to action against the US attack by democratic and anti-imperialist Syrians

    Facing the imminent US aggression, many forces of the opposition sadly and
    short-sightedly took side with imperialism by endorsing the US military attack in order
    to get rid of the tyranny. Popular democracy, however, can only be achieved against
    imperialism. Democracy requires self-determinations and that is the contrary of foreign
    military intervention. Therefore we strongly support all those democratic forces in Syria
    who at the same time and in the same decided way oppose imperialism.

    Following emergency meeting to take place in Brussels on September 12, 2013, has been
    convened by the “Alliance of Civil and Political Forces against Dictatorship and Foreign
    Intervention”. It invites Syrians, Arabs and Europeans to stand together against the
    military aggression, to support the democratic rights for the people and to search for a
    political solution.


    2) No military intervention – for a political solution
    by Peace Initiative for a Political Solution in Syria

    When we, representatives of different sectors of civil societies from all continents,
    started the initiative under the
    slogan YES TO DEMOCRACY – NO TO MILITARY INTERVENTION we could not foresee that the
    nightmare of millions of Syrians could degenerate into a humanitarian catastrophe which
    not only shakes the whole Middle East, but also threatens world peace on a global level.

    It is now more than ever facing the danger of an open military intervention on both sides
    of the conflict that we want to call on the international public opinion to exercise its
    influence in order to prevent that the daily figures of hundreds of killed victims turn
    into the worst hecatomb since World War II. And we also want to repeat to the Syrian
    political and military actors on the ground and in foreign countries what we have said

    Given all these circumstance we urge the international community of States who has missed
    in the past several opportunities to engage in a political settlement to overcome their
    differences and indifferences and to put the promotion of a political solution to the
    Syrian conflict as a top priority on their agendas.

    In order to sort out the possibilities for this political solution the platform is organizing a Peace Conference for
    Syria to be held in the near future in Austria, where different sectors of the Syrian
    civil society are invited to engage in a POLITICAL DIALOG. As an example for other
    likeminded initiatives this dialog will be facilitated by some renowned personalities
    from different parts of the world who always believed that there is no alternative to a
    political solution of the conflict.


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  7. Friends,
    Much has been justifiably made about the damage the Roberts Supreme Court has done to voting rights in their recent decision, Shelby County v. Holder. However, a potentially more insidious plot denying the precious right to vote is occurring in my own state of Michigan, where Republican Governor Rick Snyder has appointed an emergency manager to run Detroit in place of the duly elected mayor and City Council. Even more troubling, the governor did so after Michigan voters had rejected the emergency manager law at the ballot box, when late last year he signed a lame duck replacement law.

    In addition to undermining our voting rights, Governor Snyder and the emergency manager he appointed, are seeking to slash the pensions of police officers, fire fighters and other city workers who have sacrificed long and hard for Detroit.

    Because of these concerns, I held a forum in Detroit last week. As I wrote in my Detroit News op-ed, Governor “Snyder needs to know that ignoring the will of the voters by signing a lame-duck law allowing him to appoint an unelected manager insults those of us who have fought so long and sacrificed so to protect and expand the right to vote.”

    Please join me in signing this open letter to Governor Snyder that we oppose his efforts to deny Detroit citizens their right to vote and take away the hard earned pensions from city workers.

    We need as many voices as possible to send Governor Snyder a powerful message that this assault on our democracy cannot stand. Read the open letter, sign on, and have your voice heard.

    Thanks for your continued support,

    John [Conyers]


  8. No to the US attack and continued military pressure

    We are relieved that the imminent threat of an US aggression on Syria is preliminarily put on hold and a diplomatic channel has been opened up. But the US military power projection remains in place and the bloody civil war continues. We therefore need to continue and step up the campaign against foreign intervention and especially the western one. But at the same time we ought to help to pave the way for a transitional government fulfilling the demands of the original democratic popular movement.

    From the very beginning of the conflict we have been strongly opposing any foreign meddling let alone military intervention. As anti-systemic opposition in the west we regard it as our main task to fight imperialism and neo-colonialism disguised as humanitarianism, export of democracy, responsibility to protect or similar camouflages. This is an issue of principle which proved valid in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and many other places.

    In Syria foreign interference has been crucial in transforming the civil democratic and social movement of the popular masses into a sectarian civil war destroying the hope for victory for the people as subaltern classed opposed to the elite.

    At the origin of this tragic metamorphosis is certainly the refusal of the Assad leadership to grant substantial democratic rights. The popular movement was simply crushed by brute force – the notorious “security solution”. Until now not only the ensuing armed insurgency is hit hard by the government troops, but also the popular constituencies of the rebellion suffer a ruthless asymmetric war – which is led along the blueprint of US anti-insurgency strategies removing the water from the fish. The Assad leadership just copy&pasted the US war-on-terror ideology totally denying the subjacent societal reasons for the uprising. Until this day they refuse any concession, any compromise even any significant symbolic gesture towards the popular demands thus providing imperialism the pretext to intervene.


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