Bahrain dictatorship update

This video is called Bahrain, a kingdom of human rights violations.

From the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information:

Bahrain: ANHRI Condemns the Sentences Issued by Bahraini Courts against Activists and Protesters

Cairo on 3 September 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) denounces the sentence issued by a Bahraini court against a political activist; as the judge renewed imprisonment for one month although she needs special health care.

A Bahraini court renewed imprisonment of the political activist “Nadia Ali” for one month. Nadia is accused of beating the cops while passing through a checkpoint. The Bahrain security forces arrested the activist at the end of May 2013 on the background of a skirmish transpired between Nadia and security personnel at a checkpoint after insulting her mother. The family of the political activist mentioned that their daughter was beaten at the police station inside the bathrooms away from the cameras. It is reported that the detainee suffers special health conditions as she is pregnant.

Moreover, the Fourth High Criminal Court, during 2 September hearing, gave two protesters a one-year prison sentence over accusations of participating in a gathering in a pubic place and burning tires on main streets. The prosecution charged them with participating in a gathering of more than five people at the purpose of disturbing the public security, endangering the lives of citizens and igniting fires deliberately in addition to possession of a Molotov cocktail; on the background of the complaint filed by the security forces before Al-Khamees police station in April 2013. The complaint accused the two protesters of throwing the Molotov cocktail at the security forces after an attempt of dispersing the protesters, 30 ones; who took to the street and fired tires on Al-Sheikh Khalifa street nearby Bu Quwah city.

“The ongoing sentences are being issued by the Bahraini courts against the protesters at a time when they clear security personnel of killing and torturing the protesters; certainly proving that the Bahraini authorities use the judges as a tool to repress and gag the opposition; in an effort to terrorize the Bahraini people and to repress the protests in Bahrain, which erupted since February 2011” stated the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information.

The Bahraini judiciary and the public prosecution should adhere to neutrality and independence and not be a tool to repress the opponents [of the regime], if they want to dissociate themselves from any criticisms and accusations.

ANHRI demands from the Bahraini authorities to release the political activist Nadia Ali because of her health condition and her need for special medical care.

A former U.S. ambassador to Bahrain has joined Mercury, a top lobbying and public affairs firm: here.

Police fire tear gas at anti-government protesters near the Bahraini capital during angry demonstrations over the death of a young activist: here.

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