Good San Francisco bird news

This video from the USA is called Welcome to the Pacific Flyway.

By Melissa Mayntz, Guide in the USA:

San Francisco Getting Darker for Birds

September 1, 2013

Fall migration is dangerous for birds as they get disoriented by city lights and suffer from window collisions, but San Francisco has pledged to get a bit darker and help out migrants. According to the San Francisco Examiner, most of the city-owned buildings greater than five stories tall have agreed to turn off their lights as part of the Lights Out for Birds program, and because of the city’s hilly topography, shorter buildings and private residences are also being encouraged to participate.

More than 250 species of birds use the Pacific Flyway and travel through the Bay Area, and window collisions are just one of the threats migrating birds face, but one of the most significant. Does your city or town take steps to protect migrating birds? Learn how you can help!

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