11 thoughts on “Bahraini on Syrian war threat

  1. Yes, because the war Assad is currently waging on his own people is not “serious” at all. It’s a bit racist, really, to pretend that an Arab from on Arab country speaks for all Arabs in every other Arab country.


    • How about the war which not just government troops, but certainly also anti-government fighters, Syrian and foreign, wage on the Syrian people?

      Including cannibalism and incitement of his fighters to cannibalism of non-Sunni Muslims by, mind you, a commander not of the Al-Qaeda tendency among anti-government fighters, but a commander of the “moderate” tendency:


      I never said, as you know well, that this one Bahraini interviewed in London spoke for all Arabs in all countries.

      Quite the contrary. He certainly did not speak for the dictators of Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc. who want even bloodier war for regime change.

      So does the Bahraini dictatorship. Including a royal prince who tortures Bahraini Olympic and Paralympic athletes himself, not leaving that to his princely underlings. That torture prince sheds crocodile tears about poor Syrians.


      That prince, though, is a welcome guest in David Cameron’s Britain. Like British businessmen exporting poison gas chemicals to Syria are privileged citizens, as reported today.

      Also in Bahrain, fanatical Sunni Muslim youths, a prop for the royal dictatorship, are recruited as cannon fodder for “jihad” in Syria; as this blog has pointed out:


      The Bahraini who was interviewed in London of course also did not speak for them.


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