Angling club discriminates against women

This video is called Gender Discrimination at Job Interview.

Translated from Blik op Nieuws in the Netherlands:

Women with rods not welcome in Woudrichem

Monday, September 2, 2013 – 08:05

WOUDRICHEM – In the fishing association The Hope in Woudrichem, women are not welcome.

Nanka van de Meer, who moved a year ago to the Brabant village wants (wanted?) to join because she likes casting a fishing rod. However, she was told that she could not join because she … is a woman. Women are not allowed to fish! Former chairman Johan Combee states that women for historical reasons cannot be members and they want to keep things like that, the regional broadcasting corporation reports.

Ms van de Meer is not leaving it at that and has reported to the police. She has started civil court proceedings and, as this is discrimination, she has reported to the Human Rights Board as well.

“Historical reasons” … In the history of the Netherlands, Mr Combee, there was also slavery. Was it wrong to abolish that? There was eighty years of war against Spain. Was it wrong that peace in 1648 stopped that? There were five years of cruel occupation by nazi Germany. Was it wrong that that stopped?

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