City park wildlife

This is a June 2018 video about young fish in the pond of the Leidse Hout.

The Leidse Hout is a park in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands.

In local daily Leidsch Dagblad, paper edition, 28 August, regional pages 10-11, there is an interview with city ecologist Frits van der Sluis about this park.

Of course, there are many insects and other invertebrates in the Leidse Hout.

And vertebrates. Van der Sluis estimates there are about 150 species of birds, mammals, amphibians and fish.

Birds include kingfishers. And tawny owls and sparrowhawks. Green woodpeckers are on the rise, as the trees are growing up.

As for mammals, there are shrews and hedgehogs. And wood mice. And bank voles. And various bat species.

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