14 thoughts on “Don’t attack Syria, Tunisian trade unions say

    • Thank you, Dr Rex!

      The Tunisian workers, who drove away “their” Ben Ali dictatorship with peaceful mass action, know that al-Qaedaism, weapons from the CIA, the Qatar dictatorship or the Saudi dictatorship, or NATO cruise missiles killing Syrian civilians are not the way to bring human rights and democracy.


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  5. Hoping for an orderly retreat of Ennahda to avoid a return to the old regime

    Tunisia was the starting point of the Arab peoples’ revolt. In the central countries of Egypt and Syria, however, the movement is threatened to subside in repression and violence. Again, it is Tunisia, which gives grounds for hope: Ennahda could withdraw from the government without violence paving the way for early elections. Thus the democratic gains could be saved from the threat of a counter-revolution on behalf of the old elites.



  6. TUNISIA: The constituent assembly yesterday set parliamentary and presidential election dates for this October and November in a bid to go further down the rocky road to democracy.

    The birthplace of the so-called Arab Spring has had a fraught journey to free voting but still impresses over and above its militia-wracked neighbours that have seen more direct Western intervention.



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