Little ringed plover, young goldfinches

This is a video from Romania about a little ringed plover nest.

25 August 2013.

To the “Baillon’s crake reserve”.

Near the entrance, a female gadwall duck swimming.

On the banks of the northern lake, two snipe.

Northern lapwings. A dozen black-headed gulls, already in winter plumage.

A lesser black-backed gull. A grey heron.

A little ringed plover on the left side of a sandbank cleans its feathers.

A white wagtail.

A large earth bumblebee.

A buzzard flying near the railway.

Scores of teal. Three shoveler ducks, feeding while swimming.

About twenty goldfinches, mainly juveniles, feeding on thistles.

Egyptian geese on a northern lake island.

A meadow brown butterfly.

12 thoughts on “Little ringed plover, young goldfinches

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