Zebras, impalas to Ugandan wildlife reserve

This video is called UGANDA WILDLIFE ON NILE RIVER. It says about itself:

On a boat on Kazinga Channel in Uganda, August 2011…some lions, hippos and crocodiles.

From Wildlife Extra:

Uganda translocates zebra and impala to boost Katonga Wildlife Reserve

Zebras, Impalas translocated to Katonga Wildlife Reserve

August 2013. The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has completed the first phase of the restocking of Katonga Wildlife Reserve, which is part of the Kibale Conservation Area in Western Uganda, with zebras and impalas. The wildlife translocated to Katonga was captured from the ranches around Lake Mburo National Park in July 2013.

According to Dr. Patrick Atimnedi, the Veterinary Coordinator of the UWA, the next phase will see translocation of more zebras, elands and topis.

Katonga Wildlife Reserve

Katonga Wildlife Reserve is a national park in western Uganda, along the banks of River Katonga. It protects a network of forest-fringed wetlands along the Katonga River. Best explored by foot and by canoe, it is home to more than forty species of mammals and one hundred and fifty species of birds; many of them specific to wetland habitats.

Commonly sighted in the wetland reserve are elephant, waterbuck, reedbuck, colobus monkeys and river otters. Also found in this habitat is the shy Sitatunga, a semi-aquatic antelope with webbed hooves.

The Chief Conservation Area manager, Charles Tumwesigye says this has been the first translocation exercise done by UWA without external support.

October 2013. Uganda’s lions, a mainstay of the country’s tourism industry, are on the verge of disappearing from the country’s national parks according to conservationists from the Wildlife Conservation Society and the University of St. Andrews: here.

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