13 thoughts on “Libyan oil workers threatened with army violence

  1. Striking Libyan Oil terminal workers face use of military force

    Oil terminal guards at the key terminals of Ras Lanuf, Sedra, Brega and Zoueitina have been on strike for three weeks. Their action has led to a significant fall in oil exports and a subsequent impact on government income.

    The government is now threatening to use military force to end the strike and facilitate export of oil supplies.



  2. Libyan oil workers strike

    Oil workers at the Zueitina Oil Company went on strike Monday. The strike began at the 103 D Field, spreading to 103 A and the Zala oilfields and then the port. They are demanding management personnel changes.

    Last week, in a separate dispute, production workers at Mellitah Oil’s Elephant (El-Fil) field came out on strike. There has been a series of disputes at oil fields and terminal facilities over various issues over recent months.

    Oil production in Libya is down from its peak of 1.6 million barrels a day prior to the ousting and murder of Gaddafi to its present figure of less than a million barrels a day.



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