Punk rock music, Peruvian origins?

This music video says about itself:

12 Aug 2013

Who invented punk rock? Was it the Ramones in New York? Was it the Sex Pistols in the UK? FALSE! It was Los Saicos in in Peru.

One of punk’s best kept secrets, Los Saicos were the original Peruvian proto-punks. After storming onto the Peruvian music scene, Los Saicos rocked for only a little over a year, but left a lasting influence on the sound of the sixties and future punk to come.

By Katherine Brooks in the USA:

Meet Los Saicos, The Peruvian Band Credited With Inventing Punk Rock

8/15/2013 3:29 pm EDT

Earlier this year we learned that American punk music was not exactly the brainchild of those mop-headed Ramone kids. Instead, the genre has earlier roots in a little band known as “Death.” Born out of Detroit, the group of three brothers are credited with forming not only the first black punk band, but quite possibly the first U.S. punk band ever.

Now a documentary by Noisey is shedding light on what might be one of the first punk bands… in the world. The group in question was called Los Saicos, consisting of four guys by the names of Erwin Flores, Rolando Carpio, César “Papi” Castrillón, and Pancho Guevara who played together for approximately two years in the 1960s. Channeling just enough anger and garage sensibilities, the motley crew of amateur musicians combined psychobilly with surf rock a decade before punk hit the shores of England or the dark venues of New York City.

The title of “first punk band” is certainly debatable, but Los Saitos’ claim to the title has grown in recent years as contemporary musicians like The Black Lips have cited the Peruvian group as inspiration. “They are the first to play what later became punk. There was no name for that at the time, but the riffs are definitely punk,” explained José Beramendi, the producer of the 2012 documentary “Saicomania”, to The Guardian. “You expect this sound from North America or Europe, but it’s not something you expect to hear in the 1960s in Latin America.”

Punk rock in Greece: here.

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