14 thoughts on “JP Morgan bank Chinese corruption scandal

  1. It also indicates the possibility that JP Morgan, might want to be on the winning side of things, as far as mercenary bankers are concerned, and are establishing bonds closer with China, as the G20 Summit nears. It is suspected that Obama will cede the US Dollar in favor of China’s currency as the global note. Great news for China, break out the wheel barrows in America as devaluation will then happen. Also, the Chinese government is aggressively looking at Africa, with natural resources and cheaper labor than China.


    • Probably, this is a symptom of world wide JPMorgan corruption, not limited to China. Several high level Chinese involved in this scandal have already been indicted by the government; so, it seems corruption is not a good idea to improve relations in the long term with the Chinese government (as opposed to short-term relations with some Chinese corporations).

      As for whether world trade is in US dollars, euros, Japanese yen, etc. the Obama administration, or the Chinese goverrnment, do not decide alone about that.


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