Bradley Manning poem, by Peter Kennard

This video is called Art belongs in the Street- PETER KENNARD, The Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

Peter Kennard is a well known British visual artist.

This is a poem by him, on United States whistleblower Bradley Manning:

Private First Class

by Peter Kennard

Claw over the parapet
Voice raised
Is voice gagged.
The world as in fact it is,
Isn’t. In a Democracy of liars
Is a lock-up for facts.

Three blows of a whistle:
One in hiding, embassy, London
One in hiding, transit building, Moscow
One in prison, U.S.A., somewhere

The stars and striping
Are bruises and lashes
This is the land of the free –
Where the fee for whistling
Is 136 years.

Bradley Manning is born free and is
everywhere in chains

US prosecutors: Manning “does not deserve the mercy of a court of law”: here.

Bradley Manning Headed To Prison, While Those Who Presided Over Torture Go Free: here.

Michael Grunwald, Time Magazine Reporter, Sends Out Shocking Tweet About Julian Assange: here.

From Twitter:

Today is the 26th birthday of Chelsea Manning, who has now spent more time in custody than William Calley, leader of the My Lai massacre.

Attorneys for Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning begin working on the appeals process after the military finds her guilty under the Espionage Act, a statute the Obama administration has invoked more than all previous presidencies – April 20, 2014: here.

32 thoughts on “Bradley Manning poem, by Peter Kennard

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