Vinegar fly mourns his dead partner

This is a video by Silvia Hellingman from the Netherlands about two vinegar flies in love.

Ms Hellingman did research about Drosophila suzukii vinegar flies. However, the video is about two common vinegar flies (or common fruit flies).

During mating, the female dies.

The male then tries for four hours to wake her up with kisses.

He does that so intensely that he does not see a mite approaching. The mite then kills the male fruit fly.

Fruit flies with better sex lives live longer: here.

19 thoughts on “Vinegar fly mourns his dead partner

  1. That is really interesting. I have always wondered if other species such as these experienced love and emotions. If that was really what this was a display of it.
    Hey. I was just wondering. When you post videos, why do you always post ones that are in Dutch? Are you from the Netherlands?
    Cool post! Thanks!


    • Hi, thanks for your comment!

      A fruit fly is only very distantly related to humans. That even in fruit flies one can see love and emotions says something. In more closely related species, like birds, or apes, one can see them as well.

      Most of the videos on my blog are in English. Sometimes, when the images basically speak for themselves, I post also videos in other languages, like French, German, Dutch, or Arabic.


    • Yes; if you don’t want fruit flies on your fruit, there are alternatives to killing them. Like removing fruit peels etc. inmmediately, and not putting dustbins too close to the door.


    • A shallow container kills fruit flies too. But fly swatters are the swiftiest way to kill and efficient way to kill those nasty, germ and bacteria carrying creatures. Did you know that flies vomit on everything they land on? That is just soooo downright nasty…


      • My point was that you don’t need to kill them-how do you know that they don’t view you as a nasty germ carrying creature? Humans binge drink and then vomit all over themselves regularly but you don’t go around killing them for it-We just happen to be at the top of the chain but it doesn’t mean fruit flies shouldn’t have just as much of a right to live their lives 🙂


        • bro, it is a disease carrying fly…they are filty.. so what if they die or not?. why all of a sudden are people taking an active interest in flies?!?!?! I am more worried about the thousands of innocent wild horses facing slaughter than a bloody fly, which are a dime a dozen. there is no reason to be comparing a fly, of all things, over a human being. are you going to choose that fly’s life over your child’s life? that fly that you say has every right to live? yeah…didn’t think so…think some peoples have lost their minds round here….


          • There are lots of things that carry diseases. I’m not taking an active interest in flies, I take an active interest in all living things. I’m worried about the survival of ALL things,humans included, and it’s the “dime a dozen” mentality of this world that is causing the earths ongoing destruction. Everything should be respected.


            • There is a big difference between a fly and say, the animals on the endangered species list.. Flies repopulate by the millions each day so it doesn’t matter how many we kill. On the hand, those on the endangered species list require our utmost care on conservation to make their species last because if we don’t, they will not survive. Those are the animals that truly deserve our respect and efforts to preserve them.


              • There are insects on the endangered species lists as well. Eg, some butterfly species.

                And fly species. Eg, the Delhi Sands flower-loving fly in the USA:


                Here are endangered fly species in Britain:


                There are over 100,000 fly species.

                Many of them, eg, hoverflies, are beautiful, and don’t cause any problems like fruit flies. Quite the contrary, hoverflies are important for pollination, bringing humans apples etc.

                Even in species like the common fruit fry, knowing from this video about their feelings of love and mourning, people might start thinking about non-lethal methods of preventing trouble with fruit flies.


              • I guess we should agree to disagree on this one-I obviously agree that animals on the endangered list require our attention, but I also believe all creatures deserve respect, not just the ones who are unfortunately hunted or chased out of their habitats as a result of human greed.


                • I don’t think we really disagree. I only wrote that “animals on the endangered species list” and “flies” are not mutually exclusive categories; as some fly species ARE endangered.


  2. Aw, now I feel compassion for the fruit flies. Sometimes I get a lot in my kitchen and it annoys me but I will try to not kill them. I didn’t know the female dies mating. Why is that? How can they breed if the female dies?


    • Hi Natalya, usually female fruit flies don’t die during mating. In this case, she did. Maybe because the mating was too enthusiastic; or because she was old or ill already?


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