Tunisian women’s forced prostitution in Syria

This video says about itself:

“Jihad Al-Nikah”: Tunisian Minister Confirms Trafficking Girls’ Network To Syria For Sexual Jihad

6 December 2013

Another video used to say about itself:

28 March 2013

The Tunisian Minister of Religious Affairs has rejected a so-called ‘sexual fatwa’ that calls on young Muslim girls to show their support for Syrian Islamist fighters by providing them with sexual services.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Saturday 17 Aug 2013, 10:10

Hundreds of women, particularly from North Africa and the Middle East, are in the “sex jihad” in Syria. They are often lured under false pretenses to the country to provide sexual services to the fighters.

Correspondent Frank Renout spoke with a Tunisian lawyer, much of whose work is about jihadists. During his work he found out about Tunisian women who went to Syria. According to the lawyer, they were mainly recruited in mosques where the women were told that supposedly a bright future awaited them.

“For example, people tell them they will find a bridegroom in Syria. And that, for some Muslim women, is a ‘ticket to heaven'” says Renout. “If they marry a Muslim warrior who dies during the jihad, then not just he is supposed to go to heaven, but they also get a license to go to heaven.”

Enforced sex

Upon arrival in Syria, it often turns out it is just about sex. In some cases it is enforced sex. Women who returned to Tunisia were sometimes pregnant and told about rape, the lawyer said.

Also families knocked at the lawyer’s door who had lost their daughters. Who proved often to also have been recruited and who are in Syria now.

Dutch 15-year-old girl stopped from going to Syria: here.

Syria: Chechen Fighter In Aleppo – “North Caucasus Women Shouldn’t Come Here To Marry Jihadis”: here.

Syria chemical warfare claims aim to provoke Western intervention: here.

31 thoughts on “Tunisian women’s forced prostitution in Syria

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  3. This is a big lie…We all know that this kind of news is made up by that monster, and baby killer Bashaar. Alasaad. There no such fatwa or permission for prostitution..


    • Hi Dino, then one would have to presume that Assad of Syria has mysterious power to influence, thousands of miles away, the Tunisian Minister of Religious Affairs (of a Muslim Brotherhood government, so definitely anti-Assad) to say things about this “sexual fatwa”.

      One would also have to presume that Assad would have the mysterious power to make a Dutch journalist in Tunisia and the Tunisian lawyer of those women and their families to whom he spoke, tell lies. Frankly, I don’t believe either Assad or any other human being has such supernatural powers.

      Officially, there may be not something called “sexual fatwa”. However, some self-appointed “Muslim scholars”, not representative for most Muslims at all, do have fatwas on “temporary marriage”, which in practice means prostitution.


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  5. Voor jihad, geld, mannen naar Syrië

    donderdag 28 nov 2013, 13:29 (Update: 28-11-13, 14:23)

    Tientallen Bosnische vrouwen zouden naar Syrië zijn afgereisd

    door correspondent Joost van Egmond

    Tientallen vrouwen uit Bosnië zijn naar Syrië zijn getrokken om daar voor de rebellen te vechten tegen president Assad, schrijft de Bosnische krant Dnevni Avaz. De krant heeft gesproken met anonieme bronnen binnen de Bosnische politie.

    Die schatten dat zeker zestig vrouwen inmiddels in Syrië zijn. Ze ontmoeten mannen die hen uitnodigen via het internet. Vervolgens vliegen ze naar Turkije en verdwijnen, waarschijnlijk naar Syrië. De familie van een aantal vrouwen heeft aangifte gedaan, maar ze mijden de publiciteit.
    Geld lokt

    Volgens de bronnen van Dnevni Avaz loopt de motivatie van de vrouwen uiteen. Sommigen willen vechten voor de islam, anderen zoeken een man.

    Aantrekkelijk is verder vooral het salaris; de vrouwen zouden 15.000 euro per jaar krijgen in dienst van de rebellen. In Bosnië is de helft daarvan al een heel aardig salaris.

    De politie zou aanwijzingen hebben dat tot nu toe vier Bosnische vrouwen zijn gesneuveld in Syrië, maar vreest dat dat aantal snel kan oplopen.

    Ook maakt de politie zich zorgen wat er gebeurt als de vrouwen terugkeren van het slagveld. “Dat wordt een tijdbom”, zegt een politiebron in de krant.



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