Japanese-Gulf absolute monarchies militarist cooperation

This video from the USA is called Bahrain Protests – U.S. Selling Weapons.

Hard line Right wing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan might do something useful by solving the Fukushima disaster crisis in his country. But he doesn’t.

Shinzo Abe might do something useful by solving the economic crisis, hitting many people in Japan hard. But he doesn’t.

Instead, the Abe administration tries to undermine the pro-peace parts of the Japanese constitution, in order to boost militarism, no matter how much that will cost the ailing Japanese economy.

Instead, the Abe administration honours World War II criminals.

Instead, the Abe administration cuddles up to the absolute monarchies in the Arab Gulf region. They want to coöperate with them in wars … oh so sorry, I forgot that I am supposed to use the euphemism “security”.

When the democratic opposition there will manage to end those autocracies, they will remember Shinzo Abe‘s support for their oppressors. Like they will remember David Cameron‘s.

From Bernama news agency in Malaysia:

Japan To Launch Security Talks With 3 Persian Gulf States

TOKYO, Aug 16 — The Japanese government plans to launch bilateral security dialogue with Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar in a bid to ensure stable supply of crude oil and other fossil fuels, informed sources told Japan’s Jiji Press Thursday.

Japan is expected to reach agreements with the three Persian Gulf nations when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits them as part of a Middle East tour starting Aug 24, the sources said.

The security dialogue will involve foreign policy and defence officials.

Japan reached a similar agreement with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates when Abe visited the member countries of the six-state Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), in April and May.

The prospect for an agreement with Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar means that Japan will have security talks with all GCC members except Oman.

The security dialogue will cover a wide range of issues, including ways to secure sea lane safety, Iran’s nuclear development programme and the Syrian situation.

Sea lane safety in the Persian Gulf is essential for Japan as the country depends on the Middle East for some 80 pct of its oil imports and 30 pct of its liquefied natural gas imports.

As part of his Middle East tour, Abe also plans to visit Djibouti and meet with Japanese Self-Defence Forces officers engaged in anti-piracy missions off Somalia, the sources said.

Bahrain: “Rebel” protests challenge regime’s crackdown: here.

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