Welsh osprey chicks news update

This video is called DYFI OSPREY PROJECT at Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve, Wales, Britain 8/04/2012.

From Wildlife Extra:

Montgomeryshire osprey chicks – two girls

Two late chicks given ID rings

August 2013. Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust has named its two osprey chicks this week when staff and volunteers made a check on the nest and determined that both chicks are females. The chicks are developing well and they have been ringed to enable us to carry out future monitoring.

Plentiful fish

The male parent bird, Monty, bred quite late in the season with his new mate, Glesni, after his previous partner did not return from West Africa in March. They laid two eggs in late April and both hatched successfully at the end of May. At the point of them being ringed this week the young ospreys are now five and a half weeks old and developing well due to the plentiful supply of fish that both parents are providing.

Emyr Evans from Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust said, “Staff and volunteers are delighted that the birds are doing well and have given both chicks names. Following a previous theme of naming the chicks after local rivers where the ospreys catch their food, the chicks have been named Cerist and Clarach.”

Should fledge on 20th August

Both chicks weighed a very healthy 1.7Kg which was as expected after both youngsters have been feeding well following the recent good weather. It is anticipated that they will fly for the first time around the 20th August this year, but will stay in the Dyfi until late September when they will undertake their first ever migration to Africa, a journey that will take two to three weeks to complete.

Emyr Evans added “Being this heavy gives the young ospreys a great chance to make it to Africa successfully and thrive. They will stay in Senegal or Gambia for two years before returning to breed for themselves in 2015, hopefully back to the area”.

“We successfully ringed both chicks with blue plastic rings identifiable as 1R and 2R. Cerist is 1R and Clarach is 2R. We hope they will return in future years when we’ll be able to identify them by these ring numbers with binoculars or telescopes.”

Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust’s osprey project at Cors Dyfi nature reserve is now in its fifth year and this is the third brood of chicks raised on site.

For the most up to date information about the ospreys and future developments at Cors Dyfi reserve, please visit www.dyfiospreyproject.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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