Refugees from NATO’s ‘new’ Libya in danger

This video is called Racism of the new Libyan government unveiled.

From Amnesty International (London):

Libya: Migrants Rescued At Sea After Fleeing Libya Must Be Allowed to Disembark in Malta

6 August 2013

Press release

The Maltese authorities must urgently allow a boat carrying 102 sub-Saharan Africans to disembark those on board, Amnesty International said.

The private vessel ‘MV Salamis’, which rescued the group stranded at sea and reportedly includes pregnant women, one injured woman and a five-month-old baby among its passengers, was stopped by the Maltese navy before it entered Maltese territorial waters last night. The group is currently stranded off the Maltese coast.

“The Maltese authorities have a humanitarian duty to ensure the safety and well-being of those rescued. They must allow the boat to disembark in Malta and its passengers to be given any necessary medical treatment, as well as a chance to apply for asylum,” said Jezerca Tigani, deputy director for Europe and Central Asia at Amnesty International.

“Otherwise, the highest price may be paid by the women, men and children who may have to spend another night at sea with the fear of being sent back to Libya.”

The Maltese government has said it does not intend to take the passengers ashore, saying the ship’s captain should have taken them back to Libya.

“The Maltese government is wasting precious time in refusing to disembark people in immediate need,” said Jezerca Tigani.

Amnesty International considers that no passenger onboard MV Salamis should be removed to Libya. This would violate the international prohibition against removing anyone to a place where they would face a real risk of ill-treatment or other serious human rights abuses.

The military coup in neighbouring Egypt that overthrew President Mohamed Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood government has further destabilised the shaky NATO-installed interim government of Libyan prime minister Ali Zeidan: here.

Apartheid for asylum seekers comes to Europe: here.

9 thoughts on “Refugees from NATO’s ‘new’ Libya in danger

  1. Libyan oil workers’ strike

    Workers at shipping terminals and oil fields in Libya have gone on strike over nonpayment of back pay.

    Tripoli, the Libyan capital, is experiencing power outages for periods of several hours, up to twice a day. The state electricity company blamed the outages on decreased gas flows resulting from a series of ongoing strikes by oil and gas workers.

    It is also reported that the strikes have led to a 70 percent fall in oil exports, which is starting to affect the Libyan economy.

    State electricity company GECOL has taken aim at the striking energy workers. “The ongoing labour actions at shipping terminals and oil fields are not affecting only consumers,” reported Magharebia. “The economy depends mainly on oil exports, and any slowdown in output takes a toll on state revenues.”

    Deputy Oil Minister Omar Alchukmak said, “Libya is incurring losses estimated at 50 million Libyan dinars per day due to the sit-ins.”

    Production has ceased at Sidra, Ras Lanuf, Brega, and Herega, while only 30 percent of normal output is being produced at Az-Zawiya.

    “We were expecting to get a job after a revolution that toppled a regime that took advantage of the wealth for its own benefit,” unemployed Ajdabiya resident Youssef al-Maghribi said.


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