Stop drone strikes campaign

Robert Greenwald from the USA writes about this video:

Dear Friend —

Last year, many of you helped fund my trip to Pakistan to investigate, interview, and film the devastation that the U.S.’s use of drones has caused in the region. I saw, first hand, the destruction that drones have caused, including the loss of innocent lives and dismantled families and communities. I was able to collect incredible footage and interviews because of your continued support.

Since then the conversation about drones has increased and more people are aware of the devastating effects the Obama Administration policy has had on Pakistani civilians. But there are more stories to tell and we are producing a full length documentary so everyone can see them. We are using Indiegogo’s well-established crowd funding platform to help us raise enough money to finish the film. We are offering a great selection of ‘perks’, including a tour of our studios here in LA as well as an opportunity to join me for lunch.

With your help and Indiegogo’s expertise, we will be able to finish our film on drones and expose the truth. Please support and share our campaign.

Thanks for your support,

Robert Greenwald

Brave New Foundation · 10510 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232, United States

13 thoughts on “Stop drone strikes campaign

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