Taiwan conscript abused to death

This video is called Taiwan protests sparked over soldier’s death.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Ma mobbed at funeral for abused conscript

Sunday 04 August 2013

Taiwan President Ma Ying Jeou was mobbed by hundreds of angry mourners today at the funeral service for a young conscript who died after being abused by his officers.

Protesters shouted: “We want the truth” as Mr Ma, flanked by security guards, made his way to the funeral at the soldier’s home in Taichung.

More than 100,000 people had taken to the streets of the capital Taipei on Saturday following the death of Corporal Hung Chung Chiu.

He died after days of a rigorous punishment regime of push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises in sweltering heat.

He was just three days short of completing his 20-month service at the time.

Eighteen officers and NCOs have been indicted on charges ranging from abuse leading to death and involuntary manslaughter to imposing illegal punishments.

Mr Ma has already apologised and the minister of defence has resigned.

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