Bahrain regime persecutes photographers, journalists

This video is called CNN report about Bahrain arrests of teachers, doctors, human rights activists.

From the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information:

Bahrain: After Arresting and Disappearing of Two Journalists, ANHRI Demands Revealing their Fate

Cairo, on August 5, 2013

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), denounces the continuing harassments against the photographers and the journalists by the Bahraini authorities; in addition to arresting them without clear reasons; in addition to the denial of the authorities of their relationship with some of the direct detention process, which arouses concerns related to the life of the detainees.

The Bahraini Security Forces have, on the second of August 2013, Friday, arrested the photographer “Qasem Zain El-Deen” after storming his house in Diraz and the forces have confiscated his mobile phone and his lap top, in addition to inspecting his car. The police station of Badie denied knowing about the arrest.

On Wednesday night of 31 of July 2013, “Hussien Habel” has disappeared after being surrounded by several persons wearing a civilian costume in the Airport of Bahrain while he was leaving to the UAE. The security forces denied knowing the place of detention of the photographer.

ANHRI said: “arresting the photographers by the security forces and denying knowing their place of detention and not giving any information related to that, arouses suspicions that they suffered forced disappearance which arouses concerns about their life and destiny”.

ANHRI stated that the operations of targeting the journalists, photographers and intellectuals comes a few days after some recommendations by the house of representatives and the Shoura council to the authorities which restrict the freedom of opinion and expression. As these recommendations included monitoring the social networks and banning the revolutionary demonstrations and marches that demand political reforms in the countries and releasing the detainees against the backdrop of expressing their opinion peacefully, in an attempt to suppressing the revolutionary movement and mobilization that could be in different areas in Bahrain on the 14 of August in response to the calls of “Rebellion Movement in Bahrain”.

ANHRI demands from the authorities to reveal the fate of the journalists, photographers and the detainees and to ensure their safety in addition to not to prosecute and to immediately release them.

More information, in Arabic, is here.

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