Oldest osprey Lady’s 50th chick fledges

This video from Scotland says about itself:

Fourth osprey egg laid at SWT Loch of the Lowes (April 2013).

From Wildlife Extra:

Extraordinary osprey fledges 50th chick

‘Lady’ fledges record 50th chick at Loch of the Lowes

August 2013. The Scottish Wildlife Trust has warmly welcomed news that the chick known as ‘Blue YZ’ has fledged from its nest at Loch of the Lowes. This makes it the 50th chick to fledge from Lowes’ resident female osprey, affectionately known as ‘Lady’ – a new record for ospreys in the UK.

The Perthshire Ranger for the Scottish Wildlife Trust, Emma Rawling, said: “Our young osprey chick took her maiden flight just after 10 am yesterday, watched by people both in the Visitor Centre and all over the world via our live webcam. This is an important milestone for this osprey chick Blue YZ, as it marks her transition into adulthood. It is also an important milestone for our veteran female osprey, as this is the 50th chick of hers to fledge from this nest.

Contribution to the repopulation of ospreys in the UK is second to none

“This is an amazing tally and testament to her dedication and skill as a parent. Our resident female’s contribution to the repopulation of ospreys in the UK is second to none.”

The success of ospreys at Loch of the Lowes has only been possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of staff, volunteers and members of the Scottish Wildlife Trust. The reserve has been a vital refuge for breeding ospreys and a wide variety of other wildlife since 1969.

For all the latest from the Lowes osprey nest, visit the Trust’s live ospreycam.

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