Help Moroccan bird conservationists with your wildlife photos

This video is called Finding Birds in Morocco – the deserts.

Moroccan bird photographer, photo by Barend van GemerdenGREPOM, the BirdLife organisation in Morocco, is teaching its members to photograph the birds and other wildlife in their country, GREPOM’s Dutch sister organisation writes. These photos are for making more Moroccans enthusiastic for conserving birds.

About the photography course for GREPOM members:

With great results, because: yellow-legged gulls flying, courting white-headed ducks and pictures of the nature reserve Sidi Boughaba full of birds. The passion splashed from the photos. Or, as student Abdellatif Bayed said it: “Now I can manage at last to capture the beauty which I see in nature in my photos and to show that to my family and friends.”

However, these GREPOM photographers learned their skills only very recently. GREPOM does not have enough photos yet.

So, BirdLife in the Netherlands continues:

Call: send us your bird / wildlife photo from Morocco

There are probably many more people who have made good wildlife photos during a visit to Morocco. If you want to contribute to the work of GREPOM, then we ask you to send pictures of Moroccan birds and nature in high resolution by eMail to GREPOM will be able to use these photos then.

Among the contributors there will be raffle, with a chance to win five twenty euro gift vouchers for the store of BirdLife in the Netherlands.

We will love to see your photos arrive!

Most readers of this blog are not from the Netherlands. Still, maybe some of them have made wildlife photos in Morocco. So, maybe they can help too.


11 thoughts on “Help Moroccan bird conservationists with your wildlife photos

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