Bahrain absolute monarchy arrests blogger

This video says about itself:

May 12, 2013

For the first time since his mysterious disappearance more than two years ago, outspoken Bahraini opposition blogger Ali Abdulemam has reemerged in public. The 35-year-old father of three said he spent two years hiding in Bahrain before escaping to London, where he’s seeking asylum.

From Associated Press:

Bahrain activist: Prominent blogger arrested amid warnings of wider crackdowns

July 31, 2013 7:30 AM

MANAMA, Bahrain – A rights activist in Bahrain says authorities have arrested a prominent blogger just days after warning of harsher measures against anti-government protesters in the violence-wracked Gulf kingdom.

Bahrain’s king earlier this week endorsed parliamentary calls to ban demonstrations in the capital Manama and impose tough punishments such as stripping citizenship for those convicted of violence. Security forces also have warned of a strong response to plans for major protest marches Aug. 14.

Yousef al-Muhafedha, acting president of the Bahrain Human Rights Center, says blogger Mohamed Hassan was arrested early Wednesday. Hassan also worked as an assistant to various foreign journalists visiting Bahrain.

Bahrain has been gripped by near nonstop unrest since February 2011 when majority Shiites began an uprising for a greater political voice in the Sunni-rule nation.

Bahraini blogger Mohamed Hassan was arrested from his home in an early morning raid today, July 31. According to reports, police raided his Sitra home and arrested him, confiscating his telephone and computer in the process: here.

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