New Zealand journalists spied on by US NSA

This video says about itself:

Investigative journalist Jon Stephenson talks about New Zealand’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan. Marae Investigates, TVNZ 24 April 2011.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Journalists ‘could have been spied on’

Monday 29 July 2013

New Zealand became the latest battlefield in the US National Security Agency’s controversial global surveillance programme today after its prime minister admitted it was “possible” journalists had been spied on.

John Key claimed there was “no evidence” that reporter Jon Stephenson’s phone had been hacked by the New Zealand military with assistance from the US.

But he acknowledged that journalists could be “caught up” in the surveillance net when the US spied on its enemies.

Mr Stephenson‘s case hit the headlines at the weekend after it was alleged he was spied on because the army was unhappy with his reporting on its treatment of prisoners of war in Afghanistan. If true, this would contradict US claims that the NSA programmes merely compile large data pools and do not target individuals.

Major General Tim Keating said officers had assured him there had been no unlawful monitoring of Mr Stephenson by New Zealand and the country had not asked any foreign organisations “to do this on our behalf.”

But as with British Foreign Secretary William Hague’s protestations in Parliament over NSA data-sharing, he did not address whether US organisations might have handed information over. New Zealand and Britain are both part of the “five eyes” data-sharing bloc alongside Australia, the United States and Canada.

Wellington’s Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman was also forced to admit the existence of a military order today that listed investigative journalists alongside spies and terrorists as “threats to New Zealand’s military.”

Multiple spying scandals and sagas show that New Zealand is suffering from a democratic deficit. And it’s not just due to the Government’s contentious GCSB spying reforms – the latest major challenge to civil liberties involves state surveillance of journalists: here.

New Zealand’s conservative National Party-led government passed legislation on August 22 to give the country’s external security agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), vastly expanded powers to spy on citizens and residents: here.

Mention the UK and most of us imagine fish and chips or a decent pint rather than the Orwellian levels of online censorship about to be imposed on Brits at the end of 2013: here.

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