Greek nazis rob immigrants’ home

This video from Greece is called Golden Dawn Leader Says in His Own Words Hitler Was A Great Historical Figure. Denies Holocaust.

From I Can’t Relax in Greece blog:

Attack on migrants’ house in Tavros

Posted on 24/07/2013 by icantrelaxingreece

“Fascist attack on an immigrant house in Tavros by Golden Dawn thugs”, is decried by the movement ‘United Against Racism and the Fascist threat’ (KEERFA).

The communication reports:

“The attack took place on Friday night when 6 fascists broke into a migrants’ residence by breaking the window. In the beginning they pretended to be policemen and they asked for ‘papers’, but when the immigrants asked for a police patrol car to assist they started abusing and beating them, telling them they are Golden Dawn members.

After beating them, they stole work-related paperwork, some small electric appliances as well as a small amount of money. All this, with the neighbors looking stunned. When the immigrants recognized two of their attackers then they all rushed away.

We call the collectives, the unions and the local actors to denounce the racist crimes against immigrant workers.

We denounce the racist deeds of the thugs and murderers of Golden Dawn who try to terrorize the workers’ movement. KEERFA together with the neighborhood will respond with collective mobilization so that we will be able to isolate the murderous tactics of fascist groupings.

Translated from ‘Eleftherotypia’ newspaper, 15/07/2013, found online at:

Greek fascists abandoned their plans for a racist charity handout today after the Athens mayor ensured they weren’t welcome in his city.

Greece: A clause undermining the new Immigration Bill has come back into the agenda. It entails the prosecution and deportation for any immigrant or refugee who claims “falsely” being subject to ill-treatment by state authorities: here.

Hundreds of health workers marched through Athens on Wednesday during a 24-hour general strike against hospital closures and mass layoffs.

Glasgow anti-fascists have vowed to scupper the Scottish Defence League’s plans for a racist Ramadan march through the city’s biggest Asian neighbourhood.

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