Criminal pet store boss arrested

This video from Britain is called Stop illegal trade in wildlife: it’s a serious crime.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

Pet shop owner will remain in jail

07/24/13, 12:57

The owner of a pet store in Rotterdam will spend the next 3 months behind bars. In early June about 140 dead animals were found in the shop.

The animals probably died of hunger and thirst. They included dingoes, lizards, chinchillas, jerboas, gerbils, rattlesnakes and turtles. The Rotterdam court has decided that the man will remain in custody.

According to the Public Prosecution Service (OM), he did not give the animals the necessary care. In addition, the prosecution suspects him of the theft of 20 protected animals from a reptile trade fair held in April.

Frozen to death

This involved animals which only live in a hot environment, like different types of pythons and boa constrictors. One day after the theft, they were found dead or nearly frozen to death in a car which the Rotterdam man used.

The justice department suspects the man also of threatening a police officer and a journalist. Two days after his arrest in June, the shopkeeper was set free; but the prosecution has appealed successfully against the release. Police stopped the man again after a few weeks.

July 2013. Acting on a tip-off, Russian authorities closed down a “crocodile farm” on 10th July and seized more than 130 crocodiles plus other reptiles on suspicion they may have been smuggled into the country, according to a statement issued by Moscow’s Environment Conservation Department: here.

July 2013. US Federal authorities have arrested eight people in the cities of Arroyo and Patillas, in Puerto Rico, on charges for the illegal take, possession and sale of endangered sea turtles and their parts for human consumption: here.

July 2013. Czech customs and police have arrested a rhino horn smuggling gang. 16 people were arrested and charged with smuggling, and 24 rhino horns were seized: here.

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