Bahrain repression against human rights defenders

This video says about itself:

No F1 in Bahrain

7 April 2012


Facts and Number of Bahrain Revolution:

85 death by security forces since February 2011, in which:
37 suffocation from tear gas
20 Shot dead
17 tortured to death (In or out of police station)
10 by birdshot
4 ran Over
2 stabbed
At least 7 reported deaths by torture in the prison since 14 Feb 2011, 3 of them after the BICI report.
Total number of people arrested since February 2011: est. 4000
Total number of current detainees est. 600
Total number of sentenced detainees 397 with sentence ranging from 6 to life. One of them on death row.
266 been arrested in 2012, which are all still detained.

2 Human Rights defenders still imprisoned:
AbdulHadi Alkhwaja (More than 60 days on hunger strike)
Naji Fateel.

On Average around 15 villages are daily tear gassed as collective punishment.
Bahraini security forces continue to engage in the systematic torture of demonstrators in detention centers (formal and informal)
Latest death under torture was Mohamed Ibrahim Yaqoub, who died hours after his arrest on January 27 2012. He was beaten by 15-20 police officers, as reported by eyewitnesses, in the stomach and chest.
Children have been frequently been the target of security force reprisals.
Estimated kidnaps are 250 cases.
As of March 2012 1776 still remain dismissed.
6 students still detained and sentenced by military court to 15 years.

From Human Rights First:

Bahraini Reprisals Continue Against Human Rights Defender Naji Fateel

For Immediate Release: July 24, 2013

Washington, DC Naji Fateel, board member of the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) and a prominent activist, is due to appear before the Fourth Criminal Court again tomorrow, July 25. His trial on terrorism-related charges resumes tomorrow.

Police arrested Fateel on Thursday, May 2, 2013,  in a dawn raid of his house in the village of Bani Jamra.  He was sentenced to six months in prison for allegedly engaging in “illegal gatherings.” Within days of his arrest, the BYSHR reported that he had been tortured in custody, including that he was electrocuted in his genitals, suspended from the ceiling and threatened with rape. The Bahrain Center for Human Rights also reported that Fateel had twice been taken to the Interior Ministry Hospital for treatment.

In addition, Fateel is one of 50 defendants charged in a separate trial on terrorism-related offenses in the 14th of February Youth Coalition Cell case that opened on July 11. During his initial hearing, Fateel rejected the charges against him and declared before the court that he had been tortured. The judge ordered the case to be postponed until 25 July, 2013. Others accused for their involvement with the coalition report having been forced to sign confessions under torture.

“These recent reports of torture do little to dispel the notion that Bahrain is working to end the culture of impunity identified in the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI)” said Human Rights First’s Brian Dooley.

For more information or to speak with Dooley, please contact Brenda Bowser Soder at or 202-370-3323.

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