Fine for feeding birds peanuts in New Jersey

This video from the USA is called Bluejay Birds Fly in to Eat Peanuts, Crow Calling.

By Melissa Mayntz in the USA:

Peanuts Not Bird Food?

July 21, 2013

A New Jersey couple facing fines for feeding backyard birds is heading back to court, but the pertinent issue is not their backyard wildlife, but supposedly inappropriate food. According to, the couple faces up to $500 in fines for feeding wildlife, though elevated bird feeders are acceptable under the law. A local environmental health specialist has stipulated that birds do not eat peanuts, and therefore the couple’s peanut feeder was in violation of the law because it could not be for feeding birds.

Not only do many birds eat peanuts – including jays, chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers and nuthatches – but nuts are some of the best summer bird foods to offer as a healthy protein source and a food the birds can cache for winter storage.

What birds have you seen eating peanuts? Share your feeding experiences, and your thoughts on the ridiculousness of this case, in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Fine for feeding birds peanuts in New Jersey

  1. Freedom is a wonderful concept. I, like many people around the world presumably, would love to live in a free country. One free of government spying, data collecting, and most certainly one where I can feed birds without being accused of breaking the law. Like I said, I would love to live in a free country, if one were ever to exist.


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