23 thoughts on “Hunger in Britain

  1. Wow that was really interesting, especially since I am considering doing social work in the UK. Its definitely a different system over there….I wonder what part of the UK this is filmed in? I remember hearing (stereotype?) that its mostly in the north like Liverpool and Leeds where you get see alot of welfare/subsidies cases….stealing this btw.


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    So we all know about hunger, but what do we really know about the people going hungry and what they do to survive? I reblogged this from Dear Kitty. Some Blog. Tonight I was going to talk about penises (literally, erection dysfunctions and so on) but I think is better food for thought. I am interested in social welfare issues in the UK, and would like to learn more about it. The thing is, you think the video is going all Michael Moore on you…but it’s not! The narrator takes a twist at the end when he talks about loopholes in the food bank system. My only unresolved question is what about the Black woman’s case (she has 5 kids and her husband is in school) for getting assistance, was is rectified?


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      • WOW!
        Government cuts!!
        I knew they were affecting people, but I didn’t think to this degree. I live a different life in the East, especially Edinburgh, we just don’t hear about this, seriously I am shocked. Edinburgh is the Capitol, maybe why? And a fairly wealthy city. I did a quick check and it seems 90% is from the West that use these food banks. Quick google. There was a programme on a while back

        Was about the poor in Glasgow

        This is? 70 Miles from me across the Country. Foreign to me. I am lucky we were born into money. But this is why I give so much to Charity. Not everyone is….
        Check that video, it is UNREAL!! This is Glasgow in the West of Scotland.

        Cheers for that…


              • You ain’t far wrong there..
                I really had no idea..I knew parts were poor, that TV show I sent you, I knew this already. But kids in Scotland..Never know..Really thanks a lot..We have independence vote in a year…so this will come into my thinking. I need to know what will change..

                Thank you


                • Unless I blog it first πŸ™‚
                  In all seriousness I waste my time blogging UK stuff as 12 people or something follow me from the UK..Some just can’t get the whole, Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland thing…Like all different Countries in one Union,,,so a blog about welfare would be a complete waste of good PC font πŸ™‚


                • Who blogged the one I read? I will HAPPILY blog it. I have been reading up on it all day “Well when I had time” I can’t see it any links to show it’s bad in Scotland. Only place I seen bad was the Midlands….. If it’s there. I will search and find.

                  After all I got this: http://wlstorage.net/file/

                  I would be REAL careful with that, keep to self. Might find something REALLY interesting there. It is 100% safe


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