5 thoughts on “Spanish coal women marching

  1. Shipyard workers protest in northern Spain

    Hundreds of shipyard workers protested in northern Spain on July 11 against a possible European Union (EU) ruling forcing the industry to return state aid.

    Shipbuilders have been badly affected since the EU ordered the end of subsidies for the sector in 2011.

    “Workers now fear Brussels may demand that the industry return the bulk of the €3 billion euros ($4.0 billion) it received in the form of tax incentives between 2005 and 2011,” said Agence France Presse.

    Protesting workers in Vigo, in Galicia, marched from the port to the European fishing agency offices shouting, “We want to work, not emigrate!”

    Navantia workers in the industrial city and naval station of Ferrol, also in Galicia, went on strike for two hours.

    Construction of the Australian Royal Navy’s 25,000 tonne Landing Helicopter Ship HMAS Adelaide, the last ship being made at the Ferrol estuary shipyard, was halted as 2,000 workers downed tools in protest.

    In Sestao, a city in the Basque region, workers marched between two yards.

    The Spanish shipyard association, representing 19 private yards, has warned that paying back the state aid would mean the end of the industry in Spain and the loss of 87,000 jobs.



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