Nazi terrorism in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland

This video says about itself:

French town reacts after arrest of Norwegian neo-Nazi

Jul 16, 2013

A Norwegian neo-Nazi metal rocker and convicted killer has been arrested in France over fears of a terror plot, amidst surprise from neighbours.

There is more nazi terrorism than just Kristian Vikernes, arrested recently in France.

From The Local in Germany:

German police raid Nazi ‘Werewolf’ lairs

Published: 17 July 13 13:26 CET

Police launched raids in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland Wednesday against six suspected members of a far-right “Werewolf” cell modelled on late-World War II plans for a Nazi guerrilla resistance.

Four suspects in the three countries, plus two neo-Nazis in detention in Switzerland, were suspected of having formed a terrorist organisation that was considering violent attacks, said Germany’s federal prosecution office.

The aim of the coordinated raids, which targeted homes, business premises and jail cells and involved about 50 police in Germany alone, was to gather evidence against the suspects, prosecutors said. No arrests were made.

The men “are suspected of having founded a right-wing extremist ‘werewolf command’,” said prosecutors, referring to the Nazi’s unrealised plan for a clandestine “Werewolf” commando force that would mount a rebellion against victorious Allied forces in Germany.

“The group’s apparent objective was to eradicate the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany,” said prosecutors in a statement. Members of the extremist group were believed to have developed their own electronic encryption programme to evade surveillance.

The raids in Germany took places in the northern states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Suspected Terrorist Network: Police Raid Neo-Nazi ‘Werwolf’ Cell: here.

Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad reports that near Rotterdam, police investigated the house of nazi Joern B. “Joern B.” seems to be a misspelling for Jeroen Boers.

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