Bahrain 14 August pro-democracy demonstration

This video says about itself:

Exclusive from Bahrain: Interview with Human Rights Activist on Repression Against F1 Race Protest

April 23, 2013

Sam Husseini interviews Said Yousif al-Muhafda, who was jailed for his twitter activism, about arrests, mass teargassing and use of shotguns to suppress peaceful protest.

From AFP news agency:

Bahrain warns against Egypt-inspired protests

July 14, 2013 03:02 PM

DUBAI: The authorities in Bahrain late Saturday warned people not to join protests planned for next month by a new opposition campaign named after Egypt’s “Tamarod” opposition movement.

The interior ministry issued the warning about “illegal demonstrations and activities that endanger security” following calls for protests under the slogan “Bahrain Tamarod” (Rebellion in Arabic).

The Bahrain Rebellion Movement issued its first communique online on July 3, calling for a demonstration on the August 14 anniversary of British forces leaving in 1971.

The interior ministry of the tiny Gulf nation warned that security forces will “deal with any attempt to disturb security and stability”.

Egypt’s Tamarod campaign launched protests that prompted the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Mursi by the army on July 3.

Protests are frequent in the Shiite-majority kingdom ruled by the Sunni Al-Khalifa dynasty, despite a 2011 crackdown on mass protests inspired by Arab Spring uprisings.

At least 80 people have been killed in Bahrain since the protests erupted, according to the International Federation for Human Rights.

“Tamarrod” Movement Spreads Across Middle East: here.

Bahrain Torturers Must Be Held Accountable: here.

21 thoughts on “Bahrain 14 August pro-democracy demonstration

  1. July 15
    The Associated Press

    MANAMA, Bahrain — Opposition groups in Bahrain are appealing for authorities to call off crackdown warnings over plans for a major anti-government rally next month.

    Protest factions in the Gulf nation have called for large demonstrations Aug. 14 inspired by the toppling of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi.

    Bahrain has been wracked by 29 months of near nonstop unrest as majority Shiites seek a greater political voice in the strategic Sunni-ruled kingdom, which is home to the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet.

    Authorities have vowed a harsh response to next month’s planned demonstrations, apparently fearing it could sharply escalate the ongoing street clashes.

    A joint statement by five opposition groups Monday urged authorities to remove the threats and allow the “right for peaceful protest.” It also expressed worries over possible arrest sweeps.


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