26 thoughts on “G4S, Serco mercenaries cheated British taxpayers

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  21. Gurkhas vote on walkout after Serco sacks 100

    Thursday 01 August 2013

    by Peter Lazenby

    Gurkha veterans are balloting on industrial action after their defence privateer employer announced plans to sack 100 of them.

    GMB organiser Ross Murdoch said Serco had made guarantees on the jobs to the Gurkhas.

    “They have been incredibly patient over the last few months given the immense pressures and uncertainty they are facing over their futures – the workers’ trust in their employer has all but been shattered. We therefore feel we have no choice but to fight this,” he said.

    Serco has taken over dozens of military duties including maintenance of the missile warning system at RAF Fylingdales in North Yorkshire. It runs other RAF bases and provides support services at least three Royal Navy bases. It also runs detention centres and prisons



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