Montagu’s harrier nest webcam

This is a Dutch regional TV video on Montagu’s harriers nesting in Groningen province.

There is a webcam for watching a Montagu’s harrier nest in Groningen live on the Internet. The webcam is here. This is the first time ever that here has been a webcam at a nest of this species.

The Dutch Werkgroep Grauwe Kiekendief reports that the male of this couple is called Morri. In 2012, a data logger was affixed to him. This enabled researchers to find out about his migration to west Africa; arriving back in Groningen in May this year.

In about two months time, the chicks will fly 5000 kilometer to Africa on their first autumn migration.

Update 16 August 2013: three of the four chicks have fledged. The webcam is gone now.

Montagu’s harriers and field voles: here. And here.

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