Svalbard ptarmigan, and red-throated diver

This video from Svalbard is called Longyearbyen – The Town.

After 7 June, 8 June is our last full day in Spitsbergen.

We go to the mountain just above Longyearbyen, where we had seen the ptarmigan love story during our first full day.

Ptarmigan male, Svalbard, 8 June 2013

We see the male ptarmigan again. Again, on the ruins of the coal mine destroyed by Hitler’s Kriegsmarine in 1943.

Ptarmigan male, Svalbard, on 8 June 2013

But where is the female?

Ptarmigan male, still on Svalbard, 8 June 2013

Is she by now on a nest at some well hidden spot?

Then, we continue to Adventdalen valley. We see two male king eider ducks. And a purple sandpiper.

Red-throated diver, lake in Adventdalen, Svalbard, 8 June 2013

And a red-throated diver in the lake.

Red-throated diver, in lake in Adventdalen, Svalbard, 8 June 2013

We return to the common eider colony just east of Longyearbyen.

Red-throated diver winters near Texel, the Netherlands: here.

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