Svalbard gulls, plover and polar bear

Glaucous gulls, Svalbard, 7 June 2013

Spitsbergen, 7 June 2013. Just east of the pond where we saw the long-tailed ducks, there are, of course, the dog cages and the common eider nesting colony. There are glaucous gulls there as well.

Glaucous gull couple, Svalbard, 7 June 2013

A glaucous gull couple standing on the snow behind the eider duck colony.

Glaucous gull couple on pole, Svalbard, 7 June 2013

Sometimes, they sit on the poles around the dog cages.

Just past the dog cages, where the Adventdalen road begins, a polar bear traffic sign. It warns about polar bears in the whole archipelago.

Polar bear traffic sign, Svalbard, 7 June 2013

This polar bear on a warning traffic sign was the only polar bear which we saw in Spitsbergen (except for a stuffed one at the airport, and polar bears as depicted as symbols of Svalbard on buildings).

Ringed plover, Svalbard, 7 June 2013

In the river valley opposite the dog kennel, a ringed plover.

Svalbard’s Polar Bears and the effects of climate change – in pictures: here.


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