Svalbard long-tailed ducks revisited

This video is called Eider Ducks Diving Under The Arctic Sea Ice.

Spitsbergen, 7 June 2013. After the snow buntings, dunlins and reindeer of the Adventdalen valley, we return to the dog cages just east of Longyearbyen town; to the common eider colony. There, we see a male and a female of a bird species, rare for Svalbard. They will have to wait till a later blog post.

As we also see a male and a female long-tailed duck swim in the pond just west of the dog cages.

Long-tailed duck male, Svalbard, 7 June 2013

Minutes later, a male long-tailed duck resting on an islet in that lake.

Long-tailed duck male cleaning feathers, Svalbard, 7 June 2013

He is in transition between winter and summer plumage. He still has winter white on the top of his head.

Long-tailed duck male still cleaning feathers, Svalbard, 7 June 2013

He cleans his feathers.

Long-tailed duck male standing, Svalbard, 7 June 2013

Long-tailed duck male spreading wings, Svalbard, 7 June 2013


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