Greek conservative politician advocates collaboration with nazis

This video says about itself:

Feb 7, 2013

Greece‘s Golden Dawn party – along with far-right contacts in Bavaria – has set up a cell in the German city of Nuremberg with the intention of growing their anti-immigrant party in Europe. The expansion of Golden Dawn comes as Far Right nationalist parties are making gains across the continent amid economic hardship.

Nuremberg, where Hitler’s nazi party used to have its rallies …

From Dawn of the Greeks blog in Greece:

We should work with Golden Dawn, says a famous veteran MP of New Democracy party

Posted on July 2, 2013 by dawnofthegreeks

The troika, and not Golden Dawn, poses the greatest threat to Greece, according [to a] famous Greek politician

These two dangers, the destructive austerity policies of the troika European Union-IMF-European central bank; and Golden Dawn racism are linked. Golden Dawn feeds off austerity.

If Mr Vyron Polydoras, of the conservative government party New Democracy, is so worried about the troika’s austerity; then, why does Mr Vyron Polydoras not oppose the government of his own party; as they slavishly ram the troika’s quack medicine down the throats of the Greek people?

Vyron Polydoras, a Greek politician who was the Minister for Public Order and Justice of Greece from 2006 to 2007 and a spokesperson in the Greek parliament for several years, in the first cabinet of ex prime minister Kostas Karamanlis has confirmed the rumours that many members of the conservative New Democracy party want a cooperation with the neonazi Golden Dawn party. When asked in an interview on the Greek radio station Real fm last Monday if New Democracy should work with the neonazi party, he said:

“Of course. We demonstrate sensitivity towards Golden Dawn, which got 600,000 votes [in the last election], will get one million [votes in the next], and we have memories of the Weimar constitution. We remember the Weimar constitution.” (source: enet)

Those statements of the conservative politician caused serious concerns and discussions whether the New Democracy party wants a coalition with the neonazis at the next election, although the party spokesperson Anna Asimakopoulou denied any involvement of the party with the Greek neonazis.

Mr Vyron Polydoras mentions the Weimar republic of the early 10930s in Germany. Mr Vyron Polydoras reminds me of German conservative politicians in that republic. People like Von Papen, Hugenberg and President von Hindenburg. They brought Hitler into the government. With scores of millions killed as a consequence.

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