Svalbard little auks revisited

This video is called Little auks and arctic foxes, Spitsbergen.

6 June 2013 on Svalbard. After the Arctic skuas and the snow bunting, time for the little auks once again.

The Norwegian name for the little auk is alkekonge; literally: “king of the auks”. A bit ironic, since it is the smallest species of the auk family. This Norwegian name is a bit similar to the name in Dutch “winterkoning”, king of winter, for the wren; one of the smallest bird species (it does not like harsh winters).

Little auks flying, Svalbard, 6 June 2013

Little auks often fly in big flocks around their colonies.

Little auks still flying, Svalbard, 6 June 2013

Then, they approach their colonies, and you can see the individual birds a bit better.

Little auk, Svalbard, 6 June 2013

You can see the individuals still better after they have landed.

Little auk couple on rock with green lichen, Svalbard, 6 June 2013

It is mating season for the little auk couples. Still just too early for laying eggs.

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