Curaçao mudskippers, new computer game

This video, in Dutch, is about the making of a new computer game, The Mudskipper Family.

The game is an idea of Raymiron Torregrosa, born on Curaçao island in the Caribbean. The game has won a prize.

The scene of the game is laid on Curaçao. On the east coast lives a family of mudskipper fish: two parents, three children. The youngest daughter, Eva, is taken away by a crested caracara bird. To the highest hill on the island, the Christoffelberg, an iguana tells the distraught mudskipper family.

In the game, you play one of the four mudskipper family members, trying to free the youngest daughter. Mudskippers are fish which can move on land. But not for too long, or they will desiccate. You should also avoid being eaten by a gull or a pelican.

Mudskipper fish (Periophthalmus barbarus; pictured) use water bubbles as a ‘tongue’ to feed on land. The finding hints at how other animals might have evolved tongues as they made the transition from aquatic to terrestrial life: here.

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